Sports & Entertainment Advisory

Rosemont provides a wide range of services to the variety of people involved in sports and entertainment.

We may be advising sportsmen and women, racing drivers, agents, clubs, or federations.

Statistics show that there are many athletes and artists who at the end of their careers are ruined. The personal bankruptcy of sportsmen persons and entertainers is real. 

Rosemont intends to accompany athletes during their careers and in their conversion in carrying out the role of a "family officer" while offering legal and tax expertise on topics specific to the world of sport.

Rosemont will provide a global coordination with other experts already involved with the client’s affairs, while anticipating the consequences of the actions of each other.

Our experts may provide:

•Legal advice and tax advice specific to the sports and entertainment industry;
•Employment contracts: from initial training contracts, through to contract renegotiation ;
•Disciplinary and administrative law assistance;
•Management of image rights and sponsorship: structuring the legal ownership, negotiating image rights contracts, and assisting with protection of the rights;
•Residence and immigration planning and assistance;
•Estate and succession planning;
•Assistance with structuring the ownership of investments, real estate, yachts, jets etc