Fund Management

Providing Investment Manager services in the appropriate circumstances.

The Investment Manager has the responsibility to develop the investment strategy of the entity concerned, and to select and monitor the performance of all other service providers.

The responsibilities of the Investment Manager are normally set out in an Investment Management Agreement between the entity and the Investment Manager (the “Investment Management Agreement”). They normally  comprise the selection, recommendation and monitoring of professional service providers and the promotion of the entity. 

They may also include assisting in making and carrying out all day-to-day investment decisions on behalf of the entity. In particular, the Investment Manager may have the following responsibilities relative to the entity: (i) identification and analysis of investments, (ii) origination and structuring of transactions, (iii) assistance in determining exit strategy, (iv) management oversight and investment monitoring, (v) restructuring and emergency assistance, (vi) evaluating the Company’s risk exposure and (vii) assistance with strategic partnering.