Andorra Updates - National news


Real estate: The government statistical office has published the most recent statistics on real estate transactions for the year 2017. The statistics reveal an increase in the number of transaction by almost 12% over the previous year, with an increase to the value of the property transferred of 9.6%.

Education: The University of Andorra (UEA) will be hosting a series of international conferences and debates over the course of the summer that are open to all. A free interpretation service is provided.

Environment: A new electric bicycle sharing scheme ‘Cicland’ entered into service in June as a joint venture between central and local government. It is part of the sustainable mobility policy being pursued by the Principality and forms part of the country’s wider national environmentally friendly energy policy.

Tourism - Casino: The Andorran government has awarded the first licence to open a casino and resort in Andorra. In total nine tenders were submitted by international casino groups from the UK/US, France and Spain with investments of up to €150m. The winning tender was presented by Juegos SA which will build a 4,000m² casino with related facilities in the Andorran capital Andorra le Vella. Building work will commence in September with the casino expected to open its doors in the summer 2020.


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