Smart Real Estate Investing: Optimizing Taxes


Cécile Acolas from Rosemont Consulting will be speaking at this conference which will be held on 25 February 2016 in Geneva, at the Grand Hotel Kempinski 19 quai du Mont-Blanc 1201 Geneva.

Smart Real Estate Investing: Optimising Taxes

Choosing the best Vehicles & Obtaining Residency Permits

Cécile who is Partner and Director at Rosemont Consulting Sarl (Monaco) will be talking on the following topics

«France: recent changes in tax rules impacting property structuring, impact of automatic exchange of information on French property structuring»

«UAE/Dubai: real estate investments vehicles : real estate investments as an interesting way to become resident»

«Monaco: real estate vehicles which can be used in Monaco; obtaining a Monegasque residence permit».

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