Art Advisory

Art is very personal and trust is the basis of every good business relationship

The Rosemont Art Advisory is the result of a diligent and passionate approach. It is based on a qualitative and financial motivation: Investing in art requires proven and established financial methodologies as well as a discreet, loyal and reliable international network of collectors and art industry professionals, intended for HNWI & UHNWI wherever based.

Increasingly, the purchase of fine art and luxury assets has become a viable alternative "store of value" for "high net worth" individuals and families seeking to expand their portfolios and ring fence their assets from certain financial erosion, while avoiding unseen costs and buyerʼs premiums and, as importantly, incorporating the crucial aspect of pleasure when acquiring art.

The scope of the Rosemont Art Advisory encompasses Old Master Paintings, Modern and Post War Contemporary Art and Impressionists as well as Antiques and Decorative Arts and Fine Jewelry.

Private collectors and corporate clients are thus given a unique opportunity of very discreet and strategic advice encompassing all aspects of the art collecting process, from acquisitions to collection management, market analysis and sales, all the while confirming the authenticity and provenance and furthermore negotiating the terms and conditions on client’s behalf.

Credit Photo :
Claude Monet - La Corniche near Monaco - 1884
Edgar Degas - La Lecon de danse - 1879
Willem de Kooning - Landscape 
Gerhard Richter - Abstract Painting
Jackson Pollock - There Were Seven in Eight - 1945