Alexandre Caracchini Interview for Rosemont Art Advisory

Rosemont Art Advisory Exclusive interview with Alexandre Caracchini, the founder of HEART MONACO and Monte CarLove brand.

This interview is part of series of artist interview, released every month in our newsletter.
“You are in our HeARTs”

Dear Alexandre,
Thank you for sitting down with us and sharing few insights on your engagement through your own business activity in art community in Monte Carlo.

1.Can you please tell us few words on your professional profile what you do and how you merged your activities in art?Explain please to our readers what stands behind the Monte CarLove brand and its business model?

My story is quite extraordinary. When I was a teenager the street art became my passion and my favorite way to discover the world. I travelled to most of the European capitals painting graffiti and meeting like-minded artistes.
Since then I became a little bit more responsible, developed my construction and scaffolding business in Monaco and Nice. I’m naturally a very active and contemplative person, and I always felt a need to associate art to my main business and was nostalgic of the creative environment of my youth.
So that’s with no doubts or second thoughts that I agreed to launch HeART MONACO with my childhood friend and fellow artist FABEN. I was captivated by his positive drive and his philosophy of promoting Love through his art.
I also do believe that construction sites and public areas, where I spend most of my working hours, can use some creativity. I’m also a huge fan of #instacity concept, believing that its our duty to make places we live in pleasant and lovable, and, to be honest, this is how our Monte-CarLOVE brand was born.

2. You created a wonderful dialogue with a local Pop Art artist, Faben which gave birth to a very creative collaboration giving Monaco and it’s local architecture a very positive visual and pro bono outlook. What activities do you have in the pipeline? Will you export the Monte CarLove brand internationally?

Truth be told, HEART MONACO is a fountain of ideas, projects and creativity. I’m lucky to have built a team of young, dynamic and artistic people. All of them created their own artworks at some point of their life and are now very excited to contribute to splendor of Monaco. That is why, our firm is developing partnerships with companies and state authorities, that are just discovering the connecting power of art.
As for the international side of our business – we are already there !!! We are working with talented artists from all over the world. We are proud to represent Fiona TAN, an artist with an international coverage, currently based in Monaco. We are also representing Ilgar SHEYDAEV, an Azerbaijanis artiste based in Germany. One of our newest HeARTISTs Cesare CATANIA is from Italy.
With international artists comes international recognition of our Monte-CarLOVE brand and we are already on our way to launch our goodies to the whole world to love. You’ll know all about it soon!

3. What is your favorite museum? Do you think it is important to bring art into offices and companies and why?

World’s most famous cities are the greatest museums there are J. But I also love to revisit the classics, so recently I brought my son to Orsay in Paris, the heart of the history of art. I’m also keen on discovering more and more contemporary artists both in small local galleries around the world and art foundations. So it’s hard to tell which is my favorite.
I also believe that any company’s office can become a great display of art and will therefore invite its clients to appreciate artworks and to enjoy the energy it brings with it. Through artworks companies can now conduct their image, their philosophy.
That is why we are so happy to be able to expose FABEN and FIONA at ROSEMONT and we believe it’s just a beginning of a wonderful partnership.
Thank you.
Thanks for having us!