Andorra: Emmanuel Macron Co-Prince of the Principality


Following the Presidential elections in France earlier this month Emmanuel Macron has now taken office as President of France. As French President he is also the Prince of Andorra, a title he holds jointly with the Spanish Bishop of Urgell.

The situation came about as a result of a dispute that arose in 1278 between the Bishop of Urgell and the neighbouring Count of Foix over title and control of land now known as Andorra. A compromise was reached in which the Count and the Bishop agreed to share sovereignty as the Co-Princes of Andorra.

Over time the lands of Foix passed to the French King and, following the French Revolution in 1789, the title was assumed by the French head of state.

Though the French President in his capacity as Prince of Andorra enjoys few constitutional powers in Andorra, he is largely unable to act autonomously in the ceremonial role. However, together with the Co-Prince, he can call and dissolve the Andorran assembly and confirm new laws - as an interesting relic of the amicable resolution of a dispute over 700 years ago.

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