Andorra : Proposed Amendment to Immigration Rules


In October the Andorran Ministry of Justice and the Interior announced proposed changes to the immigration rules that were introduced in 2012. The modifications and clarifications have been proposed with the aim of adapting the regulations to the current economic and social needs of Andorra and the potential residents.

One of the major changes may affect future applications from individuals wishing to become Andorran residents on the basis of being self-employed. The Government considers it is necessary to reinforce the real intention of the applicant to develop and pursue their economic activity in the jurisdiction of Andorra.

According to the Secretary of State, Mrs Ester Moloné, the Ministry of Justice and the Interior has found that there have been a number of individuals who were granted residence as self-employed workers but have not conducted any real economic activity to justify their continued residence on this basis.

To prevent the abuse of Andorran residence, it is proposed that all future applicants wishing to reside and work as a self-employed person could be required to deposit €30,000 with the Government finance agency, INAF. The proposed deposit would be refunded on the termination of the authorisation to work as self-employed or on the cancellation or non-renewal of the individual’s residence, subject to there being a possible withholding due to the individual’s failure to comply with the obligations entered into on the grant of the residence application.

The proposed change is not intended to affect existing self-employed residences or residents who wish to become self-employed providing they already hold a valid work permit.

Other proposed reforms allowing temporary residence for students, who will also be permitted to undertake limited part time work. Also temporary authorisation to certain employees of companies based in Andorra to develop the labour market. Certain other  elements of the existing law have been clarified and refined. And a graduated system of penalties depending on the individual’s culpability has been proposed. 


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