Andorra Updates - International news

United Nations Delegation: The Prime Minister, Antoni Marti led the Andorran delegation to the United Nations on the 25th Anniversary of the Principality’s accession to the body and took the opportunity to meet with a number of international leaders and reaffirm Andorra’s commitment to meet international objectives.

In his speech to the General Assembly he restated Andorra’s commitment to achieve a fair and inclusive global society while regretting the rise of populism and technocracy.

In a separate speech organised by the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights the Andorran Foreign Minister, Maria Ubach, stated, education is essential in the defense of human rights to enable young people are able to fight stereotypes and work towards gender equality.

EU Negotiations: Negotiation continue with the European Union in coordination with Monaco and San Marino and despite criticism at home the government considers positive progress is being made. One of the major issues faced by the small states, Andorra, Monaco and San Marino, in any association agreement with the EU is acceptance of the free movement of people that continues to respect the specific nature of the three countries.

Foreign Aid: The proposal by the Minister of Foreign Affairs to renew its contribution to UNICEF has been approved. The additional funding will be applied to improve the social status of indigenous populations in the Congo through the provision of basic services, including health, education and clean water, and a strategy for the protection of human rights.

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