Andorra Updates - Residence

The number of resident permits for Residence by Investment that have been approved since 2012 to September 2018 has risen to 3,130, as the popularity of Andorra as a destination continues to increase year on year. Residence granted to individuals with a sporting, cultural or scientific profile also shows strong growth.
The Minister of Social Affairs, Justice and the Interior, Xavier Espot, stated that despite the increase in the investment to be made in Andorra rising from €30,000 in 2012 to €400,000 today there continues to be significant growth in the numbers of residents under this programme. He considered that the increase to the investment sum confirmed the wish by the applicants to have a permanent connection with the Principality and the government’s wish to attract such residents.

Naturalisation - the government is currently looking at ways to provide an alternative means to residents who wish to obtain Andorran nationality through naturalization. At present, applicants must reside in Andorra for at least 20years and pass an interview and an oral exam. It is proposed that by attending a new course being prepared by the Ministry of Education applicants will no longer have to attend and interview or examination. 

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