Digital Assets: Trends & Cristal Ball

Crypto-currencies, blockchain and ICOs have constituted a wild territory and a dangerous "terra icognita" for many up to now. These strange terms have fueled discussions and mystified many interlocutors.

Since 2018 this world has started to become more "civilized" and many conferences have tried to democratize the subject. This particular world has also started to regulate itself, and good practices are being introduced. Many have realized that the traditional tools of the global finance economy were transposable to this new field.

Because of these new rules and laws which are now becoming applicable, there is a need for legal and fiscal analysis, a need for compliance, and a need for security today. International groups like Rosemont International, with the legal, tax, compliance and corporate skills, fit in well in this new continent and have the skills to help demystify it. Today the time for popularization has passed and there is a need for technique and foresight.

A panel will discuss "
Digital Assets: Trends & the Cristal Ball" on Friday 28th September from 16.00 to 16.45. The workshop will be held in our stand QJ11 at Quai Jarlan.

During this seminar our experts will try to read the future of these "digital resources", discover the advanced techniques and technologies and to analyze them.

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