HNWI Russian Clients - conference


Rosemont Consulting will be speaking at the 2nd annual conference “HNWI Russian Clients: risks in the era of global tax transparency” on 30 March 2017 in Monaco

The theme of the conference will be “CRS and the impact on the wealth management business”.

Jean-Marc Remy from Rosemont Consulting will be speaking at this conference (in English) to provide clarity on meeting tax and regulatory obligations. The main subjects of his speech are:


♦ What information of foreign accounts owned by Russian clients shall be transmitted to Russian tax authorities under CRS, and when?

♦ How to protect clients’ data? What advise to Russian clients with regards to this I issue and what can be done before 2018?

♦ Legal and other issues related to organising the purchase of property in Monaco for Russian HNWIs?

♦ What is the specific Monegasque tax regime for real estate investment?


You can find all information about the conference on the site

Thanks to our cooperation with the organiser we are able to offer a special reduced price for this event to our contacts. 

Please contact Sabina Aliyeva at Rosemont Consulting in Monaco: