Karolina Blasiak Interview for Monaco Madame

Our Art Advisor, Karolina Blasiak, answered questions from Laurence Genevet, from Monaco Madame magazine.

After gratuating with a master degree in Art and History of Frankfurt University, in Germany, Karolina Blasiak became an Art Advisor. For her, Art and Business go hand in hand without excluding each other.

What is exactly your job? Who you are working with ?

By the way on introduction, I would like to say that it takes a certain degree of confidence to bring art into someone’s home or office. The investors must dare an “alternative” investment, very different from a purely financial product. However, to protect its assets from possible erosions, investing in art can be an excellent solution, while incorporating the crucial aspect of pleasure when acquiring art. In this business it is also necessary to have an international network of collectors and professionals in the sector who are used to work with high net worth individuals.
What fascinates me is my dual role with clients and collectors.      

I can bring a client an  “aesthetic and  intellectual education”, as well as art market training. I explain, for example, why the same artist might command different prices in a gallery sale versus an auction sale. Within the Rosemont Art Advisory I created Rosemont Art Club: I travel with client-members to art fairs, museums and galleries.

I also work with collectors, so that they become more confident during their transactions. We will typically start by creating an inventory of the collection, entering the works in a database, and writing an analysis that highlights any themes or relationships we have identified among the works. Then we can identify areas where the collection could be strengthened, further developed, or built out more dynamically. I undertake to offer “wall to wall, nail to nail” service, meaning we will oversee the shipping, any custom crating that needs to be done, customs assistance, insurance questions and installation in a client’s home among other services that typically are needed, i.e. evaluation, restoration, conservation. We are able to recommend an expert for any conservation or restoration work as well as authentication questions.


How about the art market?

The market has been a little bit stuck in the “old times” but now – with globalization and free and open exchange – there is a need to increase transparency to develop the market.

There is more and more money involved in art, so you do need to reach a certain level of transparency. Rosemont International companies assist clients to structure the ownership of their assets in the spirit of transparency.

Which relationship do you cultivate with artists?

With my team we assist artists, whether emerging or well positioned, in their marketing needs during their art exhibition. We can prepare and market the exhibition, build a custom made campaign for the artists and help place their art in the hands of their future collectors. We connect the artist with an auction house; we will network for the artist with our international network of museums. We sometimes help the artists in relocation procedure to the Principality of Monaco. My goal: to emphasize the philanthropic dialogue between art and the Monegasque and International artistic community and help support the Monaco Philanthropic Associations together with local and international artists.

For more information about or services or our Art Advisor, Karolina Blasiak, please contact her: k.blasiak@rosemont-mc.com