Louise Grether Interview for Rosemont Art Advisory

Rosemont Art Advisory Exclusive interview with Louise Grether, Artcurial Director in Monaco

This interview is part of series of artist interview, released every month in our newsletter.

Thank you for sitting down with us and sharing few insights on your engagement in art and  the auction world of Artcurial for the Rosemont Art Newsletter readers,
It seems that no one could be better placed than you to navigate collectors safely through the risk-infested waters of the art world, especially with your educational and professional background in international relations and business intelligence. Please tell us when did you arrive to Monaco and what brought you to Arcurial?

Thank you so much again for this wonderful offer. I am delighted and honored to answer your interview questions and hope that your Rosemont Art newsletter readers will enjoy reading this issue. 

I arrived in Monaco nearly 10 years ago from Paris via London and I opened the Artcurial Monaco office in July 2015. My background is in politics and economics and I spent the majority of my career working for an American business intelligence and investigations firm that gave me a good training in due diligence and diplomacy that I find extremely useful in the art world.  I was lucky to meet Maitre François Tajan when I first arrived in Monaco who spoke to me about his intention to open a permanent office in Monaco. Artcurial had just finished the sale of the entire contents of the Hotel de Paris and had of course already established a good name and presence for themselves in Monaco having conducted their summer luxury sales in the Hotel Hermitage since 2004.

You are the definition of effortless chic & personal style paired with your immaculate business code of  ethics, you are the professional dynamo behind every auction you successfully curate and conduct from the selection of the luxury objects, inventorization, due-diligence behind the object and it’s owner, through the marketing, communication, auction, providing a passport for each Hermes Crocodile bag you sell through the secure delivery to the new owner.  

How would you define in 3 words the characteristics of your mission for Artcurial? What are your main challenges? Who is the perfect client for you? What sets Artcurial apart from other international auction houses?

Three words that characterize my mission for Artcurial:
1. Resourcefulness
2. Persistance
3. Diplomacy

My main challenges outside the main auction periods in January and July are sourcing items for sale throughout the year. I organise expertise days once a month and constantly work on finding and establishing new contacts, collaborations and networks. 

My perfect client has built his/her collection over a long period of time and knows the value of his work on the secondary market. It’s wonderful to meet someone who is passionate about art and follow through with them from consignment to final sale.

Artcurial is a small, dynamic and very entrepreneurial auction house. Thanks to our small size we can take decisions very quickly and we like to do things differently and be inventive. It’s a pleasure to work for them.

Artcurial is present in Monaco since July 2015 and has appointed you as the Director, you have been tirelessly promoting the luxury market for Artcurial and now with the acquisition of John Taylor Group by Artcurial how do you see it will supercharge your activity?

Please share with our readers the calendar for this year and the auctions you have in the pipeline? We hear you have big plans for expanding your prestigious offices and welcoming clients to a new address in Monaco? When and Where?

The acquisition of John Taylor was an important step for Artcurial and an exciting change in the group dynamic. We are all excited about how we can work together. John Taylor is a similar size to Artcurial and there are many synergies. 

We have a number of new and exciting projects this year on our auction calendar in addition to our traditional summer sales. Artcurial Motorcars will be hosting a sale dedicated to cabriolet cars at the beginning of July. We are also putting together an important sculpture project named « Monaco Sculptures » in collaboration with the Société des Bains de Mer (SBM). We will present up to 20 monumental sculptures that will be exhibited outside the main SBM establishments in Monaco (Casino, Hotel de Paris, Hotel Hermitage..) from the beginning of Art Monte Carlo and they will be on display until our sale in July 2019. Our next auction week in Monaco is from 15th July at the Hotel Hermitage when we will present our summer jewelry, important watches and Hermès Vintage sales. 

From 18th February we are delighted to welcome our clients into our new offices in the Monte Carlo Palace, 3/9 boulevard des Moulins. This new space is an exciting move for us and will enable us to showcase works for sale in all our departments. 

You are a professional working mother of 3 children and a wife to a very busy and accomplished airplane pilot, how do you manage it all and what are your favorite things to do after you close the vaults of luxurious jewelry, chic Hermes bags, artefacts?

Life is a constant juggle but it somehow comes together. The key is to remain calm! Outside of work/family I like to exercise with Damion at Boost Monaco (www.boostmonaco.com) at the ungodly hour of 6am. His workouts are a real tonic and set me up for a busy day. By 4pm I can’t do without my cup of tea, imported from England of course!

Finally if you could sit down to dinner with a favorite artist of your choice who would it be?

I would love to sit down to dinner with David Hockney and discuss his extraordinary life and talents. I am a great fan of his works.

Artcurial Monaco has exciting news to announce:

The auction house is moving to a brand new space to welcome clients and professionals in a new design décor at their prestigious new premises, located at Monte Carlo Palace – 3/9 boulevard des Moulins – 98000 Monaco

The official date will be communicated soon by Artcurial,  should you need to receive more information on the new premises and the sales calendar 2019 please go to :https://www.artcurial.com/fr/artcurial-monaco