Marta Grigorieva Exclusive Interview for Rosemont Art Advisory


Rosemont Art Advisory is pleased to invite all Art aficionados to take art lessons and why not right here in Monte Carlo and in the Riviera. We met recently the very talented and inspirational artist, Harvard University graduate, art historian and accomplished portrait painter, Marta Grigorieva.
With great joy and generosity Marta shares her skills and supervises the art progress of her students. The artist excels in personalized portraits, paintings for interiors, family memorabilia, landscapes. In the comfort of your home or at the artist’s atelier you can take art lessons, find family activity programs, and painting “en plein air”.

This interview is part of series of artist interview, released every month in our newsletter.

What was your inspiration to become an artist? When did you start to paint and what was your catalyst to evolve into offering art classes?
I was born to create and my mission is to produce art, work on creative projects, learn and share the knowledge with children and adults. 

My grandfather was a colonel, a graduate of Military Art Academy in Russia, who skilfully painted and inspired me at the age of 10 to copy his artworks. As a result, I realised I could draw. This was the foundation. 

Who is your favourite artist ? 

I’m an art historian (attended Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) and I appreciate equally old masters, modern and contemporary art. 

Throughout seven centuries of art history from Renaissance to present every great artist had a unique painting ability and style. From Leonardo da Vinci, to Rembrandt, to Caravaggio, to Van Gogh, from Monett and Matisse, to Mark Rothko and Nicolas di Stae’l... many wonderful artists can amaze us with their individual skill, style and vision. 

My teacher and mentor was Nelson Shanks, the greatest American figurative Portrait Artist, who painted Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher among many others... he was almost-like living Rubens, a skilful master of colour, light and figure. Nelson Shanks founded an academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, I attended his courses, as well as Art Student League in New York, where he also was teaching. Nelson Shanks was generous to share his knowledge combining academic painting with impressionist pallet and colours. His legacy is to teach fine arts in USA and Europe, I am happy to continue that legacy.

Which is your favourite museum?

The very special museum to my heart is the Hermitage St Petersburg State Museum. The collection there is so extensive, one can walk for 3 miles to view it. In my youth, growing up in St. Peterburg and visiting it often, I did not even manage to see everything. However, I return many times since then and really enjoy contemplating in the Rembrandt’s room. Katherine the Grate started this magnificent, diversified collection!

Marta is offering personalised portraits, paintings for interiors, portraits of your family pets, and landscapes. She is happy to teach the art lessons to both adults and children. To schedule drawing or painting lessons or your personal portrait, please contact Marta at or

Credit Pictures:
1  Marta Grigorieva
2  Marta Grigorieva - 2 May 2019, exhibition at the Monaco Yacht Club during British family offices conference. Marta’s drawing was commissioned by the  owner of this horse and a dog. 
Personal portraits on request is Marta’s specialty. She is excelled at portraying personality and essence of individuals and their family pets. 
3  Roquebrune village, View on Monaco. Oil on cavas, 70x50cm, 2017 - The artist painted en plein air in Roquebrune
4  Following Monet footsteps - impressionist painting en plein air near Giverny gardens. Water mill, Oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm, 2015
5  Saluki: Motherhood, Oil on canvas, 120 x 150 cm, 2017 Monaco 
Portrait of Picasso - drawings
6   Ecole Saint Roman