Maxim Berin, the interview for Rosemont Art Advisory

Rosemont Art Advisory was pleased to interview Maxim Berin, the founder of Berin Iglesias Art, the international creative entertainment group that promotes and organizes high level concerts and events around the world.

This interview is part of series of interview, released every month in our newsletter.

Tell us please when did you come to Monaco for the first time?

I first visited Monaco 10, perhaps, 15 years ago and it was connected with my creative activity.

What do you most associate with Monaco?

The Principality of Monaco is an amazing, unique place that has no equivalents in the world. I perceive Monaco as a tiny but exquisite and beautiful jewel. The first associations that come to my mind are gorgeous views, the alluring smell of the sea, a walk in a park and a very special, distinctive architecture. At the same time, I admire how Monaco changes during the year but manages to preserve its authenticity.  

How do you perceive the art and cultural scene in Monaco?

I think, if you compare the scale of Monaco and the number of concerts, events, performances and art exhibitions taking place, no doubt, that Monaco is singular. I admire the high organizational level and value of the cultural events in the principality. We are also fortunate to have been working in Monaco for the last two years, having our representation here and contributing to the cultural life of Monaco.

Your professional experience is exemplary, you graduated from Musikhochschule in Dortmund, you studied saxophone and founded your own agency in 2005, promoted the international symphonic orchestra Germany and have organized International Music Festival of Yuri Bashmet. Your agency is specialized in promoting and organizing various concerts, festivals, ballet galas as well as exhibitions and private events. You have worked with such prominent asrtists like Jose Carreras, Robbie Williams, Andrea Bocelli, Denis Matsuev, Julio Iglesias, Enrique Iglesias, Diana Krall, Roxette, Mariah Carey, Sir Elton John, Antonio Banderas, Carla Bruni, al Jarreau and many others. What is the biggest challenge in organizing top selling concerts?

For more than 15 years now I have been working as a producer, musical agent and manager. These professional activities make me happy. Initially, there was Berin Art; now we are Berin Iglesias Art creative entertainment group. We have reached a certain point of being recognized worldwide. It is possible to say that we are well regarded by the musicians, artists and performers, as well as by the music agencies and concert venues. The outcomes of our professional activities enable us to work with top artists and in various music and creative genres. First and foremost, we represent the classical music which I am a big fan of. We also work with rock, pop and jazz music, opera, performing arts, art exhibitions. Our agency is unique in terms of working interdisciplinary. You won`t find many creative companies with 15 representations around the globe that work practically in all music and cultural directions that I have mentioned above.      There, I consider this diversity to be our achievement – with its help we have reached certain heights which gave us a chance to work at the best world concerts venues and halls, with the best artists, performers and celebrities. And not only work and create but build friendships and develop new concepts and exciting projects.

What is the main working focus of Berin Iglesias Art? Please tell us what are the most important criteria for you when hiring new collaborators for Berin Iglesias Art?

The main criteria for signing up a new contract with us are, first of all, the professional level of the artist and deep understanding of the business ideas behind each and every project. We always accurately analyze and consider the main conditions of organizing a concert: the country, the venue, the artist, the time period and ticket pricing strategies. If we do sign a contract, we do our best to achieve the planned objectives.  

Who is your favorite composer and why?

As I identify myself more with the Russian culture, I am fond of Russian composers P.I.Tchaikovsky, S.V.Rachmaninoff, A.P.Borodin, S.S.Prokofiev. Among the foreign composers I prefer Mozart and Bach.  
The public between London, New York, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Monaco, Minsk, follows Berin Iglesias Art with a tremendous interest. The whole Russian-speaking diaspora, the whole of the Russian-speaking community gets excited whenever they book a ticket to your concerts produced and promoted by you and your international team. Do you feel something special about any of the international audiences you have been organizing concerts for?

You know, I would also add Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, Brussels, Stockholm, Zurich and some other the European cities to this list. The audience knows us and associates our company with certain quality level; I would say the top quality level. The people trust us and follow us, many fly especially to see our concerts. We appreciate it a lot. But for us the audience has no international borders. Music is the major language that does not need any translation that is why all our projects and concerts are global in that sense. We welcome all the people who want to enjoy outstanding performances, high art and stunning concerts venues. That is our daily work.

You have already triumphed at all the most important concert halls in London, Moscow, New York, Israel, and Turkey. Is there a favorite one?

Yes, you could say that we triumphed. I would even say that we claimed the victory. We won over our audience, certain countries and concert venues. It has been achieved thanks to tremendous work, time and effort of the company's top managers and employees, who love and respect their job, their work, and their company and are eager to invest in the development of the international concert holding Berin Iglesias Art.

Who is your favorite artist?
My favorite artist is Pablo Picasso.

And if you could invite one to a dinner, who would it be and why?

Thanks to a certain name that I was able to earn over the years of my professional activity, I have the opportunity to communicate with amazing and talented artists, sportswomen, politicians, and businessmen over dinner. I am always happy for informal meetings and personal communication. That is why I cannot name a certain person. From my side, there is always an affinity to get in touch with interesting people.

Do you like going to museums? Which one is your favorite?

I sometimes manage to visit only those museums where we hold or organize an exhibition. I practically have no free time to visit any museums. I regret it a lot, and I hope to compensate soon for what I have not managed to visit and see yet.

Where does the next concert take place and who is the star artist/s?

Our concerts take place almost every day. Just now, there was an amazing solo concert of José Carreras in Minsk. The next day we had a fantastical, historical concert «Verdi Gala» at the Bolshoi Theatre with sophisticated Russian and international audience. We really enjoy organizing special events that stay in memory and become significant. The last month of this year is going to be rich in events. The concert of Michael Bublè and an event in Paris with Alain Delon, Milla Jovovich, Pierce Brosnan, Uma Thurman, Robbie Williams, Vladimir Spivakov and the Moscow Virtuosi, Olga Peretyatko (soprano, our exclusive artist) and many others. I would like to mention the European concert tour of Denis Matsuev – one of the best contemporary pianists; the concerts with the special act of the American pianist Lola Astanova; the concerts of the great world violinist Maxim Vengerov whom we also represent exclusively. At the end of December for the first time in Monaco we proudly present «The Nutcracker» by the Grand Moscow Classical State Вallet.

What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream, in terms of creative business, would be the development, prosperity and expansion of our company as a global brand on the international market of culture and arts.

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