No Finish Line - Rosemont team runs more than 1,900km


The 13th year of the “No Finish Line”, organised by the association "Children and Future" took place on the Port Hercules in Monaco from 17th to 25th of November. An outstanding success with more than 275,000kms (42,000 kms more compared with 2011) reached for the 8 days, or 192 hours of perseverance.  8,700 participants or 2,000 more than in 2011 (of all ages, from all sources, including man’s best friend – and than 15 nationalities) have shared these great sports and generous moments during this time.

Team Rosemont made up of staff from Rosemont Monaco SAM, Rosemont Consulting SARL and Monoeci Management SAM, their husbands, wives, their children, parents and friends, ran, walked and limped their way around to record an impressive 1,922.808km nearly twice the distance of 2011. Our team of 35 were there early in the morning before work, at lunch times and late at night supporting this important charity.

Below are photos of some of the team, and of Norah Moiny and David Brand. Norah completed her 206km with a final day run of 41km while David did in total 154km. 
Nora and David NFL 2012Rosemont Monoeci NFL Team 2012

Last year the Rosemont team were 51st out of 228 teams. This year we were 30th out of 269 teams.

The Foundation Mitchell (a Monegasque foundation) which Rosemont administers on a charitable basis made an important donation to the association.

Rosemont is determined to carry on participating and to encourage more people to get involved in this worthwhile event for many years, in order to continue helping children in need.

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