No Finish Line - Rosemont team runs more than 2,200km


For 3 years now Rosemont International has participated at the "No Finish Line" event in Monaco. A crazy run where old, young, men, women and children walk or run in a closed circuit of 1,370m. For each km walked or run, €1 is given to the association Children & Future which helps sick and disadvantaged children.

The 14th year of the “No Finish Line”  took place on the Port Hercules in Monaco during 8 days in November, where the circuit was open 24hrs a day (except for a short closure due to the bad weather). This year a total of more than 270,000km was reached.

Each year, the number of participants increases and we all try to exceed our own limits. This is what we did this year, with our team achieving 2,278kms (1,922kms in 2012 and 998kms in 2011).

This new record has enabled the Rosemont team to be ranked 24th out of 271 teams participating.

The Rosemont team was made up of staff from Rosemont Monaco SAM, Rosemont Consulting SARL and Monoeci Management SAM, their husbands, wives, their children, parents and friends.

At the beginning it wasn’t guaranteed that Rosemont would reach the 2,000kms target. Rain, wind and cold, all tried to stop Rosemont from reaching its goal, but the combined efforts and determination of the team has enabled us to break our record and at the same time beat teams put out by local prestigious banks and government departments.

This demonstrates that the combined resources of Rosemont Monaco SAM, Rosemont  Consulting SARL and Monoeci Management SAM makes us a strong team.

Below are photos of some of the team:
 Clivy and David

Joelle, Janet and Simona

Team Gonin - Hacklebauer
The Foundation Mitchell (a Monegasque foundation) which Rosemont administers on a charitable basis made an important donation to the association. For more details about the Foundation Mitchell see

Rosemont is determined to carry on participating and to encourage more people to get involved in this worthwhile event for many years, in order to continue helping children in need.

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