Optimising French Real Estate Structuring - Hong Kong Presentation by Cecile Acolas


In association with the Hong Kong Trustees’ Association and STEP Hong Kong Cecile Acolas of Rosemont Consulting SARL in Monaco, will be giving a talk in Hong Kong on 26 February about structuring the ownership of French and Monaco property. She will focus on how Monaco and other jurisdictions can be of use to optimise French real estate ownership from a tax and estate planning point of view and to give an update on French trust disclosure obligations.

The presentation will develop on how Monaco could be particularly interesting, especially for structuring French property ownership. Cecile will also introduce the new law relating to Trusts in France, which impacts any clients and their families and any trustees connected to Trusts with a link with France. 

All invitees from Rosemont are kindly invited by the HK Trustees’ Association and HK STEP.

Rosemont Consulting are sponsoring the refreshments at this event, and we hope you will be able to attend the talk and network with other HKTA and STEP members as well as staff from Rosemont Consulting.

Should you wish to attend please contact Raphael Beaudrey at:

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