Rosemont Art Advisory at the SuperYacht Investors Forum

Earlier this month Rosemont Art Advisory was honored to participate at the SuperYacht Investors Forum dedicated Art Panel in London, moderated by Pandora Mather-Lees.

We spoke about THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN DISPLAYING FINE ART ON SUPERYACHTS: risk management and art insurance and more and exchanged with acclaimed professionals from the art industry: Helen Robertson,  conservator at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich and Tilman Kriesel Art Advisory from Germany. The world’s ultra-rich are filling superyachts with so many masterpieces that conservators are teaching captains and crew how to care for art as well as to pamper passengers. Did you know that the value of the art onboard of a superyacht can exceed the value of the vessel itself?

Please check out our exclusive interview with Pandora and learn about her revolutionary educational art program here.

Shelley Dowie from Rosemont Yacht Management, and her team recently certified as well their first Yacht in accordance with the new Polar Yacht Code which is currently in Antarctica. Shelley also gave a presentation on the topic during the SuperYacht Investor in London, which received a lot of interest.

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Shelley Dowie, Head of Yacht Management & DPA
Janet Xanthopoulos, Head of Yacht Administration: