Rosemont presence at Asian Wealth Conferences in November


Join Rosemont at two Asian Wealth Conferences in November

Asian Family Wealth Forum 2015 - Join us at this conference in Singapore - 5 November

Rosemont is a Gold Sponsor of this important industry event, and Peter Brigham will be speaking on the changes taking place in the world of Trusts, and their relevance today.

We are pleased to invite you to attend.
Overshadowing Asia’s large – and rapidly growing – pool of wealth, private banks face mounting uncertainty over the strategic positioning of their fiduciary services businesses. This is against a backdrop of regulatory complexity, tax transparency, cost pressures, scalability hurdles and a shortage of talent. As a result, many banks are at a tipping point in their decision-making around whether to remain in the business of wealth structuring.
Already these organisations are grappling with fundamental business objectives such as cost and risk reduction on the one hand, and scale and operational efficiency on the other. Now, and increasingly, the question of how – and indeed, if at all – they choose to deliver fiduciary services most effectively is under the microscope.
At the same time, advisers as well as clients alike need to adapt to today’s increasingly transparent world. This is also raising questions about the relevance or suitability of many existing structures.
In addition, the issue of business and family succession planning is ever-pressing for the post-war generation of business creators and entrepreneurs. Asset preservation requires some frank discussions within families about how best to manage their wealth from a mix of structuring, business, personal and social perspectives.
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China Wealth Management Forum - Join us at this conference in Shanghai - 26 November
China’s contribution to the record-breaking pace of growth in wealth in Asia cannot be ignored. The country is estimated to account for more than 50% of the total for the region.
But nobody is yet making the most of the opportunity China represents both onshore and offshore.
There is a growing need for higher standards of professionalism within the industry, and more expertise – in terms of advising clients on diversification and allocation of their portfolios, as well as on wealth preservation, business succession planning and wealth transfer. Navigating today’s transparent world via compliant structures is also high on the priority list for clients.
The conference will update you on the key and current issues concerning the development of wealth management businesses in China.
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