Taxation of French immovable assets owned by non-residents - March Conference


Taxation of French immovable assets owned by non-residents or how to protect international holding schemes - March Conference
Cécile Acolas from Rosemont Consulting will be speaking at this conference (in french) which will be held on 22&23 of March 2016 in Luxembourg.
Cécile will be talking on the following topics:
« Le recours à la SCP Monégasque pour le détention du patrimoine immobilier français des non-résidents. »
« Montages pour des investissements immobilières en France pour les investisseurs du Golfe (Qatar, Emirats Arabes Unis, Arabie Saoudite) : des conventions fiscales avantageuses »
« La détention d’actifs immobiliers en France par des résidents russes »
The last presentation will be held together with Maria Perekopskaia who has a dual legal qualification in French and Russian law. Maria will cover the Russian legal aspects to be considered when structuring French real estate properties for Russian residents or nationals
All information about the conference can be found on the site
For more information contact: Sabina Aliyeva Rosemont Consulting SARL tel.: +377 97774600