The Louvre on a Luxury Boat

The Louvre and the Ponant company, cruise expert, have joined forces to offer two luxury yacht trips to holidaymakers, from 2020.

These cruises are intended to allow travelers to enjoy cultural and historical tours to discover some of the museum's collections. Thus, as the Louvre points out: "On the basis of itineraries drawn by the Ponant teams, these trips, punctuated by interventions of curators and department directors of the Louvre, will reveal some of the original lands of the collections. of the museum ". Visitors will also be able to visit the brand new Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum.

The first cruise will offer a trip from Athens to Venice to discover the "[...] cultural and artistic treasures of ancient Greece and the Adriatic". The second, from Muscat to Dubai, will take you on a quest for the treasures of the Persian Gulf, mixing historical sites and futuristic architecture of some cities.

These cruises will take place on luxury yachts chartered by Ponant who set the accent on: "refined design and intimate atmosphere" to offer a dream vacation to its passengers.

For more informations, please visit Ponant or contact Karolina Blasiak, Art Advisor at 

Credit Pictures
Cour Napoléon et Pyramide © 2013 Musée du Louvre Olivier Ouadah
Le Bougainville – (c) PONANT – Philip Plisson