The true “value” of art


Since the dawn of time, art has always captivated, it was able to allow the human to dream and contemplate the mysteries of a message, a creation. Its broad definition thus meets some terms that converge for each medium: the beautiful, the emotion, the value.

On this last point, the term value has today a considerable meaning : the importance of this term interferes literally everywhere.

The "value" of art is in our daily lives. It is, for example, an "information" followed to discover the strength of exhibitions. Indeed, it is rewarding to have seen an exhibition, and more and more. The exact same value enters into the dimension of the general culture. More and more artists are part of the spectrum of the qualitative dimension of art. It becomes necessary to know them. The value of information is endless, social networks have maintained this dynamic. Take a look for ex. at the Instagram accounts of some Museums to understand the weight of the value of information on art (Louvre, Orsay, Tate Moma), not to forget those of Art Galleries.

The qualitative value thus feeds the evolution of the prices of the art market. Quantitative value has become another form of news. We are witnessing the evolution of demand with new buyer profiles compared to those of the 90’s. If art is a show, it’s news is a barometer of our world. On August 21, 2018, the S&P500 announced a record of 2873 points. The same day, the US stock market recorded the largest bull market . The United States are doing very well, in any case the euphoria and confidence are present. The art market confirms it. The USA now holds 40% of the value of the auction market in the world. A notorious sight was in the recent event of the sale of the Rockfeller collection at Christies. At the same time, there is a return of American buyers around the world with an appetite for works priced over $ 1 million. Art does not lie, it is a mirror of our modern society. It continues to describe the behavioral evolution in society, it I s flexible by it’s entries, it is a reflection of a purchasing power and an economy.

Art is the new wealth.

There are then very positive indicators that can make us happy for the future of art. Auction sales are also today represented by the increasing presence of museums. Three-quarters of the works purchased for more than $ 1 million during the first quarter of 2018 will have been made by the Museum force! Naturally the target artists are very often the most famous of the History of Art: Picasso, Matisse, Monet. We can no doubt rejoice that the sound names remain the sure values. If we had had a moment to doubt the arrival of the very contemporary market, we think that the context is organized in a collective unconscious. The big names make the beautiful stories, the new ones trigger a news that will have to be renewed. It is on this last point a new tendency. The art market is made up of two roads. The most sought after is the one where the name of the stopovers speaks for itself and easily, where it is therefore very easy to find one's bearings. Art must first and foremost reassure.

Thus, our synthesis on this season will value the subject of art as the barometer of our situation but also as a reflection of a mentality. The humankind needs art. The Chinese benefit from the opening of 700 museums a year. This is a desire to continue to look at the beautiful, discover moments of emotions. It does not seem that there will be additional taxes on this subject if some works are exported! The subject is wiser. The European Union will not have to be ashamed of its position. Everything is not so bad. Sales growth in the first quarter of 2018 was + 8% in France, + 17% in Germany and + 22% in Italy.

So this time do not mention the subject of prices, let us stay in the contemplation of a subject that is still developing on noble registers. Indeed we must insist on the very encouraging future. The art market is not about to become a quiet subject. He seems to grow and mature at the same time. Today it is a capital of culture, a gain of visual satisfaction, emotional. Naturally the lucky ones will be able to remain those who will hold a work and will sleep with it: to be able to look at it, to lend it to Museums, and to reassure itself on its increasing value, in a world which obviously wishes to continue living surrounded by what itconsumes with the most beautiful satisfactions. Art is a balance. As long as humans are present, art will remain its most aesthetic shadow.

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