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Marcello Lo Giudice
Eden Blue Exhibition, Volcanoes, October 19th | November 13, 2018

Italian artist Marcello lo Giudice presents his most recent paintings at the Museum Oceanographic Institute of Monaco.  "Les Edens", these large format works a trip to the heart of abstract landscapes, almost raw, intimately linked to nature.

The color is used in cascade: shades of blue, from the sea to the ocean, mixture of red and orange shot volcanoes, gradations of emerald green echoing the reserves natural marine. The Edens, which stand out in several series, are works recognized at the international  level.  

They were exhibited in 2017 in the most prestigious museums, 
like the MAXXI Museum of Rome, the Russian State Museum of St. Petersburg or at the Ekaterina Foundation of Moscow. Marcello Lo Giudice was also present at the 52nd and 54th International Biennale  in Venice in 2007 and 2011.

For several years, the artist collaborates with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to support marine research and act for the preservation of our planet. The Oceanographic Museum has established itself as an ideal setting to host these works that, through the symbolism and power of their colors, tell a story about our relationship to nature.

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