Upcoming exhibitions - Paris

Musée Jacquemart-André 
Caravaggio in Rome, friends and foes from 21 September to 28 January 2019

The show arrives in Paris! One gets impatient . 10 works of Caravaggio of which 7 never presented in France will adorn the walls so gossipy of all the richnesses exposed in this place. Be careful, here is another show that will happen. Caravaggio will be presented on his Roman period, a period when his different intellectual encounters were developed in a society where Genius began to make his entrance to artists and collectors. The selection of works will allow to enter the heart of the quality of all its technique and to contemplate the subjects that embody its uniqueness. The works come for the most part from the biggest Italian museums. Make room for obscure clarity and realism.

Louis Vuitton Foundation
Egon Schiele from 3 October, until 14 January 2019
Here is an appointment with the strongest vibrations that art can offer by an impressive artistic work yet so discreet. The works of the artist will be presented in this place so voluntary to let us wonder about the magic of art. This strength of the place will again be positioned as very effective. A retrospective will revive Vienna in 1900. Son of Van Gogh and Munch the fate of Egon Schiele was short-lived. End of life at the age of 28, he could nevertheless develop an extreme virtuosity in the medium of drawing. Close to Klimt, he threw himself into an art where the perfection of the curve made it the quality of the subject of his nudes. In the other hand this meeting suggests that his art is not yet sufficiently exposed to light. These will be surprising masterpieces that will invite you to discover the artist differently and talk about it! Basquiat From October 3 to January 14, 2019 An expectation even stronger from year to year. The image of the artist Basquiat is definitely crowned by the result of the sales, the few subjects on his life, the testimonies of his relatives, the books about his life. He becomes a legendary figure, a form of life almost successful by programming a destiny and the strength to believe in its success. The Louis Vuitton Foundation can only strengthen and illuminate the soul of the artist. An appointment with the most famous paintings of the painter. A memorable Basquiat moment in the architectural quality of this place he would have probably loved! Artistic satisfaction assured!

Picasso at the Musee d’Orsay
Blue and Pink Period - September 18 to January 6, 2019
A rare moment. We must run to see more closely what Picasso's work was in the emotional moment of his life, which was probably the strongest and the most painful. A short creative period, intense. Works today much sought after by collectors because so hard to find. Blues and Joys at the rendez-vous.

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Picture 1: Michelangelo Merisi, dit Caravage, Le Jeune Saint Jean-Baptiste au bélier - © Roma, Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali
Picture 2: Egon Schiele. Autoportrait au gilet, debout, 1911. Gouache, aquarelle et crayon gras sur papier, monté sur carton. 51,5 x 34,5 cm. Ernst Ploil, Vienne. Photo : Courtesy of Ernst Ploil, Vienne
Picture 3: Pablo Picasso : La Chambre bleue, Washington, Phillips Collection - © Photo The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C. © Succession Picasso 2018