Zaahirah Muthy Exclusive Interview for Rosemont Art Advisory

MIAF premieres with an art fair and conveys the message of peace and serenity and celebrates diversity of local and international artists.

“Fostering Unity, Celebrating differences” is the theme of the very first edition of Mauritius International Art Fair, set to take place from August 8 to 11 at the Caudan Arts Center in Port Louis.

For this special occasion Rosemont Art Advisory sat down with the organizers and founders of the art fair, a Dubai-based  ZeeArts Head, the artist activist, Zaahirah Muthy, who together with the Economic Development Board of Mauritius has developed a three-fold strategy to foster the cultural ecosystem:
  • Create a unique platform that will create linkages between 65 international artists, 25 regional artists and 35 local artists; International artists coming from 40 different countries covering all the continent, Europe, Middle-East & Africa, Asia, America and Oceania.
  • Promote art as an asset class for investment
  • Formulate effective strategies to address the infrastructure gap in terms of auction sales & art museums in Mauritius
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Dear Zaahirah Muthy,

Please tell our readers what was your motivation to give birth to such a grand plan to premiere an international art fair in Mauritius? Which artists will be exhibited and galleries from which countries have signed up? What is the price range of art works exhibited?

The vision of MIAF is to position Mauritius as an artistic and Cultural destination. MIAF is a multi-disciplinary contemporary art fair designed to introduce original artwork from local, regional and international artists.  By bringing such a wide range of influences and together, MIAF aims to position Mauritius as an inter-nationally renowned art hub, to generate increased levels of tourism both during the festival and year-round, to educate Mauritian society about the value of buying original artwork as an investment and to empower the younger generation by involving them during the MIAF.
We have introduced over 120 artists from local, regional and International; both emerging and established in order to bridge the gap and provide a unique opportunity and experience for all. We had myriad of Artwork ranging from Paintings, Sculpture, Photography, Installation, Assemblage and the artwork range from 150 $ to 13,000 $

Is there a vetting committee which selects the artists which would like to exhibit?
We had a curatorial committee comprises from Local and international curators. We had received huge response from artists who would like to exhibit and the curators had a great challenges for the selection.

The driving force behind MIAF is the cultural dialogue through the creation of a bridge between local and international artists, please tell us more about the MIAF program and the workshops you have created to promote the art & culture ecosystem in Mauritius.

During the weekend, of artistic festivities, the grounds of the Caudan Arts Centre, and Port-Louis waterfront has charged with creative vitality beyond the likes of anything the country has ever witnessed. With the main exhibition in tow, we also present different of satellite artistic initiative  that underscores the relevance of the creative industry and the art market.
Drawing in talents from every corner of the world to tackle this year’s theme of Fostering Unity and Celebrating Differences, the project takes on a multi-disciplinary approach that is creative, cultural, environmental and pedagogical in essence while providing economic incentives to the industry. Taking a step further into the educational facet of the arts, the first panel discussion, Art as a Catalyst for Social Change, explores avenues in which art can be employed to effect enhancements, integrations, and progression in society, whereas the second one, Modelling the Art and Cultural Ecosystem, invites audiences to consider the magnitude of involvement art has with the local culture and the overall industry. Of course, keeping the artists’ welfare and engagement in mind, our Artist Empowerment Programme casts the light on the appropriate measures to be taken during the compilation of the artists’ portfolios and biographical profiles, along with potential considerations when entering the art market.

Do you intent to communicate about the MIAF and its future editions abroad, by organizing road shows workshops and conferences promoting the cultural and artistic heritage of Mauritius?

Indeed we have set up a committee who will work on the expansion of MIAF.

Tell us more about the collecting trends in Mauritius, is the contemporary trend taking over the modern art? Do you envisage to add a design fair to the existing formula?

MIAF 2020, we will bring innovation and creativity to the helm and blend Arts in all its aspect, perhaps a Fashion Show.

What is your favourite museum and what was the last exhibition you saw?

My favourite museum is Louvre Museum in Paris. The last exhibition I saw was in Dubai, Art and Tolerance in June.

Thank you.

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